Wig Out – Things That Wigged Me Out

A Few Of My Wig Outs

Wig Out: A bad hair day for my nephew greeting me at the door sporting an old wig that belonged to grandma. He came across it while rummaging around in one of my parents sheds.

At first I didn’t recognize him because he had his head down so I could not see his face. He looked so incredibly outrageous I had to snap a picture for my sister (his mom). Bad wig!

Photo os my nephew Brenden wearing a wig.

This Is My Wigged Out Nephew Brenden

Wig Out: Finally after many years of occasional play I hit my first ever Royal Flush! They say you have to play to win. I don’t play much I don’t lose much. I don’t buy lottery tickets either.

Unfortunately, I only had 4 of 5 possible coins in so I only won 1500 coins ($75) instead of 16,000 ($800). That wigged me out. I lost out on winning $725 more dollars. But at least I can add getting a Royal Flush to my list of small unimportant but exciting accomplishments – The Bad Gambler.

A photo of my first and only to date royal flush.

My First Ever Royal Flush

Wig Out: How do you get rear ended by a car in the front when you are stopped? This photo shows two back ends. One is of his car and the other is the ass that was driving the white car that backed into the front of my car.

We were stopped at an intersection waiting for traffic to clear. It did. Then this guy drove all the way out into the middle of the intersection with the nose of his car into the far lanes. Then he apparently changed his mind and started backing up. I laid on the horn. He just kept coming and coming until he ran right into the front of my car. I don’t know who was wigged out more, me or my granddaughters riding in the back seats.

A pic of the rear end of the idiot that rear the front of my car.

The Rear End Of The Ass That Rear Ended The Front Of My Car

Burning Down The House Wig Out

A Major Wig Out: This is how my house almost burned down. It was mid morning and I was sitting at the computer working. I heard, or thought I heard a faint crackle. I listened carefully for a few moments and did not hear anything so I returned to my work. In a about half a minute I heard it again but this time it was louder so I opened the blinds and looked out the window. To my horror I saw smoke and flames along the side of my house. I raced to another window to see the vacant lot behind my house, patches of my backyard, and the wood fencing along both sides of my property on FIRE. I raced outside to start hosing down the flames. Shortly I was joined by neighbors and strangers who came to help. Fortunately the fire department was here in just a few minutes too. In no time the fire was out.

For about 3 weeks I thought the fire was probably caused by someone throwing a cigarette out of their passing car and catching the dry weeds in the vacant lot on fire… or something like that. But then one day I was talking to my neighbor Jerry. He told me he thought the fire was started by Dean Fence Co. So I started watching Dean Fence in the early mornings out my backyard kitchen window around 5:00 to 5:30 AM while sipping on my first cup of coffee for the day. Since they start work anywhere from around 4:00 to 5:00 AM every day they were usually clanking, cutting and welding by the time my coffee was ready. To my horror the video above, and many others, capture Dean Fence Co. showering the vacant lot with flying sparks and embers. This is how the dry weeds in the vacant lot caught fire. Negligent work safety practices by Dean Fence Co. is what really started the fire. I captured dozens of videos showering sparks and embers over the fence that span a number of days. The wind even picked some of them up and carried them into my front yard. A few embers even made it all the way across the street.

Photo of Dean Fence Co. in Bullhead City Arizona that almost burned down my house.

Dean Fence Co. Almost Burned Down My House

Dean Fence Co. Bullhead City Arizona

Dean Fence Co. Bullhead City Arizona

A photo of Dean Fence Material Yard

Dean Fence Material Yard