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Ford Fiesta Door Latch Replacement Safety Recall #15S16

Well, it’s about time! The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) @ 1-888-327-4236 and Ford Motor Company have finally agreed to a manufacturer safety recall. I recommend that all Ford Fiesta owners, whether having issues with faulty or breaking door latches or not, call Ford Motor Company customer care @ (800) 392-3673 to get the facts about defective Fiesta door latches.

At this time it is unclear as to whether Ford issued the recall voluntarily or was forced by the NHTSA. Based on my personal experience with Ford’s customer care service and warranty integrity I would speculate they were forced into issuing the safety recall for replacement of defective Fiesta door latches.

I personally have just suffered a 3rd broken passenger car door latch on my 30 month old Ford Fiesta. In all my years I have never experienced even a single broken car door latch on any of my dozens of cars nor have I known anyone who has. To me it was pretty obvious from the first 2 doors latches that broke within 12 hours of each other that this was a Fiesta defect. Ford didn’t do the right thing on the first two broken doors. No, they didn’t pay for the full cost of repair at the time. They didn’t voluntarily issue a safety recall knowing full well that thousands of Fiesta’s around the world were suffering from defective door latches – a true safety concern!

In this case, if you examine the actions of Ford Motor Company as I have, you might come to the same conclusion as I have. In my opinion, regardless of all their hype and hollow words, Ford Motor Company is not actually concerned with their customer’s safety. They’re just ALL about PROFIT.


If your car door won’t latch… CALL the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) @ 1-888-327-4236 to file a complaint!    OR…» File A Complaint Online!

Now get this – I called a Ford Dealer to have my broken door latch repaired under the recall. They were aware of the recall but were not yet prepared to handle the repair under the safety recall, claiming Ford had not given them instructions and had not setup the program yet. Next I called Ford Motor Company customer care. Yep, same story right from the horsepower’s mouth. We’re not prepared to begin the broken door latch replacements on Fiesta’s yet – THE PARTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE and WE HAVE NOT DOCUMENTED THE PROGRAM OR PROCEDURE. So even though they have admitted to the door latch/lock problem and issued the safety recall they still are not repairing Fiesta doors – WHEN FORD, WHEN?

I’m not at all pleased with Ford Customer Care.

Frankly, I’m down right disgusted with Ford, their customer care, and Ford’s warranty integrity.

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How Much Is A Ford Fiesta Door Latch?

What does it cost to repair and replace a Fiesta door latch? Plenty!

So far I have had two(2) of my Ford Fiesta’s doors break. The door locks failed within 12 hours of each other rendering the doors unable to close.

This is not a simple repair. The door panel must be removed, no easy task, in order to gain access to your electronically controlled door latch. It is a rather delicate, time consuming and potentially cosmetic damaging process if not done by experienced technicians using the correct tools for the job.

Unfortunately, nobody has more experience or is better qualified to preform this particular repair than Authorized Ford Dealers because they are dealing with 1000’s and 1000’s of Fiesta’s having this same defect problem. Fiesta door locks are breaking world wide.

My initial estimate from a Ford dealer was $300 per door. But after getting Ford customer care involved the final cost was $257 per door.

After contacting Ford customer care I was offered $250 toward the repair bill which was $514 for 2 doors.

So, to answer the question of how much is a Ford Fiesta door latch? The cost to repair a Ford Fiesta door latching mechanism hovers around $250 to $300 dollars per door at Ford dealerships, parts and labor included.

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Car Door Won’t Latch


If your car door won’t latch… CALL the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) @ 1-888-327-4236 to file a complaint!    OR…» File A Complaint Online!

Who Should File A Complaint?

When the NHTSA receives enough complaints to attract their attention they will start a comprehensive investigation. If they find the failures to be of serious safety concern in a high percentage of vehicle they will insist the car company, Ford in my case, issue a RECALL.

Why File A Complaint With The NHTSA?

When a car company issues a recall they will reimburse you for any costs you may have incurred as a result of repairing your door and/or offer to replace those bad door latches before they fail. To qualify for reimbursement you may have to have the repair preformed at an authorized dealership. This is an expensive repair! On my car $300 per door.

Most any car model can encounter an occasional broken or defective door latch. But as of this post 1000’s of newish Ford Fiesta door latches are failing prematurely. Failures of 1 or more car doors on the same Fiesta vehicle are widespread nationwide. And some multi-failures of the back passenger doors are almost simultaneous.

One comment here stated that a Ford dealership told her they had around 70 Ford Fiesta’s with broken defective car doors that will not latch closed or stay shut. That’s 70 Fiesta’s with car doors that won’t latch at just 1 dealership! Now consider that there are around 1500 plus Authorized Ford Dealers in the United States and you begin to get a true picture of just how serious and widespread these failures are.

My small town Kingman Arizona dealer did not place a number on it but said they were seeing a sudden surge of Ford Fiesta’s with broken car door latches both in and out of warranty. The number was so high that he knew exactly how much the parts and labor would be for this particular repair on a Ford Fiesta. My Fiesta has 2 broken back side car doors that won’t latch and it’s not even 3 years old. Both door latches failed inside of 12 hours.

The latches on Ford Fiesta car doors are failing so frequently right now that the latch mechanisms are on national backorder. So I and many hundreds like me are driving around with our car doors tied closed because their are no parts available to repair them.

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