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Car Door Won’t Latch


If your car door won’t latch… CALL the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) @ 1-888-327-4236 to file a complaint!    OR…» File A Complaint Online!

Who Should File A Complaint?

When the NHTSA receives enough complaints to attract their attention they will start a comprehensive investigation. If they find the failures to be of serious safety concern in a high percentage of vehicle they will insist the car company, Ford in my case, issue a RECALL.

Why File A Complaint With The NHTSA?

When a car company issues a recall they will reimburse you for any costs you may have incurred as a result of repairing your door and/or offer to replace those bad door latches before they fail. To qualify for reimbursement you may have to have the repair preformed at an authorized dealership. This is an expensive repair! On my car $300 per door.

Most any car model can encounter an occasional broken or defective door latch. But as of this post 1000’s of newish Ford Fiesta door latches are failing prematurely. Failures of 1 or more car doors on the same Fiesta vehicle are widespread nationwide. And some multi-failures of the back passenger doors are almost simultaneous.

One comment here stated that a Ford dealership told her they had around 70 Ford Fiesta’s with broken defective car doors that will not latch closed or stay shut. That’s 70 Fiesta’s with car doors that won’t latch at just 1 dealership! Now consider that there are around 1500 plus Authorized Ford Dealers in the United States and you begin to get a true picture of just how serious and widespread these failures are.

My small town Kingman Arizona dealer did not place a number on it but said they were seeing a sudden surge of Ford Fiesta’s with broken car door latches both in and out of warranty. The number was so high that he knew exactly how much the parts and labor would be for this particular repair on a Ford Fiesta. My Fiesta has 2 broken back side car doors that won’t latch and it’s not even 3 years old. Both door latches failed inside of 12 hours.

The latches on Ford Fiesta car doors are failing so frequently right now that the latch mechanisms are on national backorder. So I and many hundreds like me are driving around with our car doors tied closed because their are no parts available to repair them.

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Car Door Will Not Latch


If your car door will not latch because of a defective door latch mechanism… CALL the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) @ 1-888-327-4236 to file a complaint!    OR…» File A Complaint Online!

Why You Should File A Complaint

If the NHTSA receives a sufficient number of grievances they will investigate the problem. If they find the defect to be a safety related risk they are likely to request the car company, in my case it’s Ford, to issue a RECALL. When a car company issues a recall they must reimburse you for cost of repairs you may have forked out for this particular defect or offer to replace those bad door latches before they fail.

A reimbursement qualification might be that your repair might have had to be preformed by an authorized car dealer for your brand of car. Door latch mechanisms that will not latch are expensive to repair… around $300 for each door.

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Ford Fiesta Defect: Whopper Knockers When Side Doors Open

NOTICE: Sudden Unexpected Failure Of Ford Fiesta 2012 Car Door Latching Mechanisms.

The following is intended for immediate release (07-07-2014) as a public service warning about a potential Ford Fiesta 2012 defect. Sudden and unexpected failures of Ford Fiesta car door latching mechanisms has been reported to Ford Motor Company. This author has personal knowledge that this failure has occurred in at least 1 known and verified Ford Fiesta vehicle so far. If your car door will not close or latch read this notice.

To date failures have occurred in both rear side passenger doors. Failure of these two latching mechanisms were nearly simultaneous and actually may have been. Vehicle owner believes the duplicate failures to be connected in some way. The failures were sudden and without warning. There were no pre-failure indications. No sticking, closing, shutting or latch rotation issues… just sudden latch failure for each door. Are these defective Ford Fiesta door latches a RECALL waiting to happen?

WARNING: Do NOT allow anyone to ride in your Ford Fiesta without fastening their seatbelt.

This potential highway traffic safety hazard should be taken very seriously even though further elaboration of this notice is heavy with humor.

Driving Miss Knockers

Normally we would ‘Not’ expect an otherwise smooth ultra sleek vehicle with undamaged body, that is about as streamlined as a polished and waxed bullet, to be lik’ened to sporting a pair of knockers. But in this case the bizarre fits. Those knockers really are whoppers and those whoppers really are knockers. My racy Fiesta now sports a pair of unharnessed latch-less Double D Rear Side Door Knockers due to defect. Not just one but both doors have malfunctioning door latches. Could this be a coincidence? I seriously doubt it.

When are Ford Fiesta doors NOT doors? When they are defective and remain ajar they become hit or “Miss Knockers”

Killer Whopper Knockers!

These naughty knockers can kill and make it look like an accident. What I’m really talking about here is unbridled doors engaging in free swinging backdoor action. My Ford Fiesta’s pair of flapping backside driver and passenger doors just won’t hook-up even though they swing freely. They do it without protection. They have no shame, no sense of decency, and absolutely no concern for the safety of others. This little gal is dangerous! I am very thankful that one of my grand kids was not resting against one of her trap-doors when a latch failed!

Doors On My Fiesta Refuse To Take A Siesta

Normally our experience with car doors leads us to believe they are failsafe! They shut and remain shut. They latch closed and remain closed. Undamaged car doors can be locked closed to siesta securely in place. But NOT the 2 rear side trap-doors on my Ford. Her doors are double D-fective and busted.

“Her knockers are steely hard swingers… able to whop, knock, and whack whomever and whatever is in their path”

Miss Knockers (my nick for my Ford Fiesta) is doors-out for attention. This street stalker knows how to trollop the streets. She is an exhibitionist with an uninhibited open backdoor policy. Flaunting her “Double Defective doors” she will flash and expose her rear seat to anyone and everyone while parading along the highway.


Not wanting to be taken for a ride and wanting to avoid further risk, I must look into my auto insurance policy. I need to determine whether my backdoor swingers are covered or if I need a rider to hold harmlessly against my sweetheart’s promiscuous backdoor behavior.

Bound To Achieve Temporary Fix

With behavior like this she was asking for it. So, I decided to give it to her. To let her know who’s boss I changed into my ‘mechanics uniform’ which just happens to be confidently embroidered with the name “Master“. I won’t go into details here but suffice it to say, I tied her doors closed and said goodbye to those whopper ass-kicking killer door knockers.

Warranty Repair Request

With only 35,772 miles on Miss Knockers when the door latches failed this matter is still currently (07-07-2014) in the hands of Ford Motor Company warranty request case #CAS-4651084-H7G4M8 and my closest Authorized Ford Dealer, Colorado River Ford in Kingman Arizona. A complaint was also filed with the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Office of Defects Investigation, confirmation number (ODI Number) is: 10607751

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