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US Expels Russian Diplomats Over Clinton Cyber Hacking Attack Allegations

Well It’s Official, Satire

Whining Over Leaked Emails
It now appears that Russia forced the DNC, the Clinton campaign and John Podesta to type, against their will, embarrassing information in the emails they sent each other. They never would have put all that embarrassing information in their emails if the Russians hadn’t used mind control to force the democrats to be so stupid.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I myself secretly broke my neighbor’s windshield last week and yesterday I ate 3 lbs. of rabbit poop. Oh geez that was brutal!

Oh man… The Russians just made me type that in this post and copy it in an email to my blogger friend. ┬áRussian hackers are evil. ┬áIf this email post gets leaked, then the Russians are responsible for the things I’ve done, not me.

Oh man, will the US expel me too?

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