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Hilarious Email From A Not So Politically Correct Friend

Not So Diplomatic

Below is an email, in his exact words that I recently received out of the blue from a friend.  Personally, I think Mr. DrySack (not his real name) has a very imaginative and at times “dry sarcastic and twisted” sense of humor.  I love it. To me he is funny!


I won’t mention my friends real name because he fears the US government may expel him from the United States like they are doing to all those diplomat hacks from the big bad red “R” country, you know who I mean. Worse yet, the Russians might accelerate their mind control over him; forcing him to participate in their political hacking attacks and cyber bullying schemes.

Leaking The Email

I think Mr. DrySack is very imaginative with his humor. So without further doo-doo I leak to you his email verbatim as I received it. Well that is if you don’t count the hypnotic “spell” check I ran to make sure it was safe and wasn’t going to infect readers.

Well it’s official.

Russia forced the Clinton campaign to type (against their will) embarrassing information in the emails they sent each other. They never would have put the embarrassing info in their emails if the Russians hadn’t used mind control to force the democrats to be so stupid.

I myself secretly broke my neighbor’s windshield last week and yesterday I ate 3 lbs. of rabbit poop.

Ah man… The Russians just made me type that in this email.  They are evil.  If this email gets leaked, then the Russians are responsible for the things I’ve done, not me.

US expels Russian diplomats over cyber attack allegations –

-End quote.

And… that’s all folks!

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