How Much Is A Ford Fiesta Door Latch?

What does it cost to repair and replace a Fiesta door latch? Plenty!

So far I have had two(2) of my Ford Fiesta’s doors break. The door locks failed within 12 hours of each other rendering the doors unable to close.

This is not a simple repair. The door panel must be removed, no easy task, in order to gain access to your electronically controlled door latch. It is a rather delicate, time consuming and potentially cosmetic damaging process if not done by experienced technicians using the correct tools for the job.

Unfortunately, nobody has more experience or is better qualified to preform this particular repair than Authorized Ford Dealers because they are dealing with 1000’s and 1000’s of Fiesta’s having this same defect problem. Fiesta door locks are breaking world wide.

My initial estimate from a Ford dealer was $300 per door. But after getting Ford customer care involved the final cost was $257 per door.

After contacting Ford customer care I was offered $250 toward the repair bill which was $514 for 2 doors.

So, to answer the question of how much is a Ford Fiesta door latch? The cost to repair a Ford Fiesta door latching mechanism hovers around $250 to $300 dollars per door at Ford dealerships, parts and labor included.

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