Don Julio, Maker’s Mark and Grand Marnier Sit for Portraits

Hitting the Mark here we have a presser review that is sure to leave you high, but not dry!

CHICAGO, IL Fine art, oil painter Robert Goldsberry just posted three new still life paintings to his online art gallery. According to the artist, “I love to paint the things that interest me most,” and what interests him most lately are three brands of liquor.

The American artist who lives and paints in Northern Colorado is showing recently completed still life paintings featuring bottles of Don Julio, Maker’s Mark and Grand Marnier in his online art gallery.

View Makers Mark Painting at Robert Goldsberry Gallery

Goldsberry who is a formally trained, fine artist used brush and paint to create these near picture perfect paintings. And it seems that by his choice of subject, and by taking the time to paint these products, he is documenting that these brands are very important to him.

Marketers could say that the paintings themselves are a wonderful tribute to the power of the brand, and confirmation in this case, that art mimics marketing.

In the Don Julio portrait, Goldsberry showcases his favorite brand of tequila, set on a table and paired with a smoldering cigar.  He titled the painting, The Don.

The artist explains that the painting is, “My favorite tequila, the Reposado by Don Julio, coupled with a fine, Romeo y Julieta “.

The bottle and smoke are set on a bright, white table cloth draped over a polished table. The setting is a classic, still life composition reminiscent of commonly painted pitcher-with-bowl subjects, but with a definite twist.

Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky Bottle

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky

The Maker’s Mark painting is similar to the Don Julio still life, but is more expressionism than realism. In this artwork Goldsberry honors his favorite whisky and pairs it, as he describes, “with the sculptor’s wax of the Heisman Trophy.”

The artist cleverly associates the artist’s mark, made by the sculptor on the Heisman Trophy, with the maker’s mark, printed on the liquor bottle label. The artist’s own mark, his signature on a painting, completes the theme.  Each work of art is marked by the maker to document and hold accountable the creative mind that first conceived the work, and then created it.

The painting, simply titled Maker’s Mark, showcases a bottle of the brand set next to a glass of whisky on the rocks. Goldsberry refines the setting by placing the bottle and glass on a pristine, bright white table cloth.

Once again, the artist showcases one of his favorite things in a classic, still life painting that he has brushed with the skill of an old master. The oil on canvas is a 30″ x 24″ original, oil on canvas.

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Grand Memories is the most emotional of the three paintings. Goldsberry comments, “My favorite triple orange liquor,” and explains that, “this painting toasts the last glass in the bottle.”

The scene memorializes a bottle of Grand Marnier polished off by the artist and a group of party friends. He signs-off his description with a “cheers” to viewers, and an implied invitation to enjoy.

Grand Memories is the most detailed of the three paintings.

The still life is beautifully lighted and detailed. The bottle of Grand Marnier is set upon an embroidered, white tablecloth on a dark, wooden table. Bright green leaves of a nearby house plant reach for the bottle, adding color and interest to the tabletop scene. The 16″ x 20″ still life painting is an original oil on canvas and another wonderful tribute to a favorite brand.

Considering the time and effort it takes to create paintings like these, Goldsberry’s choice to showcase these products confirms the power of branding. The artwork is also indicative of the emotional connection between consumer and product.

Those of us who are artistically challenged must settle for enthusiastic word-of-mouth to tout our favorite brands, but clearly, in today’s marketing landscape, pictures like these are worth a thousand, million AdWords.

The Don, an original oil painting depicting the artist’s “favorite tequila” measures 16″ x 20″ and is painted on stretched canvas. The artist fine art painter, Robert Goldsberry. The painting is available for sale online.

The Maker’s Mark by artist Robert Goldsberry is a fine art oil painting featuring the artist’s favorite brand of whiskey. The canvas measures 30″ x 24″ and is available for purchase directly from the artist.

Last of the Grand Memories by Artist Robert Goldsberry is an original oil on stretched canvas. The painting measures 16″ x 20″ and is available for purchase directly from the artist.

View Robert Goldsberry’s Gallery

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