Are The Ford Fiesta’s Headed For Another Recall?

I am the owner of a 2012 Ford Fiesta that has 2 defective rear passenger side door latching mechanisms. They both failed at the same time, indicating to me anyway, that the failures are somehow connected and probably a Fiesta defect. If your car door won’t shut read this info.

I have now been working with Ford Motor Company and my local Ford Authorized Dealer (Colorado River Ford) for 2 weeks in an attempt to get my Fiesta’s car doors repaired. I presume they will be repaired under warranty as the doors failed while my vehicle was within the warranty coverage mileage. Yet Ford has not yet committed to repair the doors.

No Parts Available

07-15-2012: Today I learned that the required parts to repair the doors on my Fiesta are under “national backorder”. This information was obtained directly from Ford customer care.

What does this parts shortage indicate? Well, to me it is evidence there has been a significant and rapid run on these door parts and they are prone to very early failure…. as in “defective”.

Will Ford do the right thing here and RECALL Ford Fiesta 2012 models to repair and replace this bad batch of door latches?

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